House removals in Southampton as a Pet Owner:

Date:7 / May / 2018

Are you planning to relocate along with your pets? You must understand it is a colossal task to carry out. At freight Trans Ltd we help you in house removal services in Southampton, while keeping a supportive and caring attitude towards your pets. As an owner, you may worry about the health and overall wellbeing of your pets. We ensure that your loving pets don’t get lost in a new place or environment and relocates safely. We advise you to keep six important tips to keep in mind while relocating with pets:

Contact Your Vet:It is very important to get in touch with the vet while moving your pets to a new location. As you hire professional removal services like Freight Trans ltd to take care of your household items, you must be in touch with your vets to examine the health of your vet. It is evident pets might get anxious to get moved to a new place. Vets are ideal to take care of such situation in a professional manner.

The Day Before Transit: It is suggested to keep the pet in a room before you relocate. This action helps you to not to get distracted and safe, secured. You must keep the routine normal as much as possible and it makes them stay undisrupted. You pack their favourite items such as blankets, toys, bed and the other stuff very last minute by not making confused and anxious. You must inform your removals company beforehand to relocate without any hassles.

Arrange an Essential Kit During Transit: The health of your pet is your paramount concern as an owner. You must prepare a transit kit while travelling. You have to make sure that your pets have easy access to fresh drinking water and litter box. Along with your support, we always try to arrange a quiet area as much as possible. It is advisable you should travel along with your pets by placing them in the back seat of the car. You can keep place your seat down to make the space more comfortable for the pets.

Notify Removal Companies About the Nature of Pets : If you are planning to shift exotic animals (such as amphibians, reptiles, tropical fish, snakes) then you must notify us or your chosen removal companies for extra caution. At Freight Trans Ltd we always provide additional recommendations related to the relocation of exotic animals.

Tag Your Pet Microchip: If you tag your pets with microchips, you can easily find in case the pet is lost. Installing a microchip helps to hold the address and phone of the owner, let them find in case they are lost.

After Arrival at The New Place: As you are unpacking at a new place you must keep your pets surrounded by recognizable item to soothe the anxiety caused by relocation. It is recommended to keep him or her in one room for first two weeks to get adjusted. If you can follow above mentioned six tips during relocation to a new house then your pets have no problem after moving to a new house. Keep the surrounding as recognizable as possible to help them adjust.

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