Domestic / Residential House Removals

  • Personal and family moves; one bedroom to 7 bed mansions.
  • One-off delivery large/bulky items, including furniture, piano, etc.
  • Fragile, antique and high value personal belonging.
  • Same-day local, nationwide service or Europe.
  • Removal of household unwanted items like furniture or white goods.
  • Man and van services available at day or hourly rates, please contact us for free quotes.
  • After move house cleaning service available.
  • We are registered with the authority to carry out house clearance work. We adhere to the safety norms and dispose of the damaged items in an eco-friendly way without harming the environment. We also carry out the task of recycling goods whenever possible. And, we do all that at an affordable price for you.

    Commercial / Business Moves

    .IT removal and installations.

    .Showroom Relocation

    .Warehouse removal.

    .IT removal and installations.

    We carry out office removals at the most affordable rate. We offer you end-to-end solutions for packing your goods, loading, unloading and finally unpacking all your items at the new office address. Once you hire us, you do not need to worry about settling at the new location. We take care of everything for you.

    Need a quick free no obligation quote, please contact.
    Business contract for our domestic/residential moves are now accepted. Please email at info@freightrans.co.uk

    Students Moves

    We take pride in being able to offer student removals at the most competitive rate. We take care of all the projects equally, whether it's a small project or a big one. We carry out all the removal projects with absolute dedication and precision while keeping all your goods in good condition and damage free.

    Packing/Unpacking Services

    Proper packing and unpacking can be very important when it comes to relocating to a new place as the goods need to be transported safely. We can supply all your packing needs that would include high quality double-wall cardboard boxes of various sizes, bubble wraps, wardrobe boxes, wrapping paper, packaging tape, etc. Understandably proper packing in boxes of required size and protective materials ensures that the items remain safe and damage free. This ensures that we take good care of the fragile items as well as the sturdier ones while transporting them. Moreover, our vans are equipped with blanket covering as well as hooks and rails to provide support to the goods while being transported. If you would need packing service before your move please get in touch for best rate quote.

    Storage Services

    We take care of all our customer's needs, whether it is about house removal work or providing storage services. We do all that at the most affordable price for you. If you need to vacate a place before your new location is ready to reside in, you can very well take our storage services and remain stress-free while we take care of your goods. We offer you short term and long term storage services for both domestic as well as commercial goods.

    Move for Shows and Exhibitions

    We have experience in carrying out amove for shows and exhibitions effectively. We put in all our efforts in packing, transporting and unpacking all the fragile items for the shows and the exhibitions.Our team of experts makes sure that all the items remain in good shape and good condition after they are brought back to the storage location. And, we are proud to be able to offer you the best rates in the market.

    Move for Events

    Whenever there is an event, a lot of things need to be transported to the location as well as they need to be carried back later. We provide efficient services for event moves with the help our team members, high-end vans and the latest technology for loading and unloading of goods. We have a proven track record of handling move for events effectively.

    International Relocation

    International relocations have never been so easy and convenient before. Freight Trans Ltd offers proficient International relocation services at the most competitive price while taking care of all the paperwork, customs, and regulations of the two countries. We provide end-to-end solutions for the all International moves with consignments of any size. When Freight Trans Ltd takes responsibility, you do not need to worry about anything at all.

    European Moves

    We at Freight Trans Ltd. take care of all European moves comprising of domestic as well as commercial shipments. We take proper care of your possessions from the time we start packing them, till we do our job of unpacking them and help you settle at the new location. Our team is well versed in the regulations of the European countries to carry out a relocation work efficiently. And, we still offer you the most competitive rate for this.

    Shipping Transport

    We work with close partners to offer a tailored air or sea freight shipping service. Our tie-up with the best in the industry ensures the efficient delivery of international shipping. Get in touch with us now and get a rate quote for shipping your goods to another country. Once we take the responsibility of your move, we put in all the efforts to do it successfully. And, you will be updated on every step of the transit.

    Air Transport

    Air Transport is the most convenient mode of transport as it takes less time. We handle shipments of all sizes. For us, distance is not a matter anymore. We work closely with our partners to complete the task of overseas relocations using the mode of air transport. Once you hire us, you will no longer need to bother about the documentation or paperwork. When we take the responsibility for your goods, we do it 100%.


    We take proper care while packing, transporting and unpacking fragile items. We generally segregate and separate all the fragile goods such as amirror, various things made of glass, computers, delicate items and all other expensive materials. We pack them separately with a lot of care so that they remain intact when we deliver them to the destination.

    Porter Hire Service

    We offer porter hire services for moving all kinds of objects. So, if you are into a home improvement project or you want to change the look of your house and change the décor of your house by moving and setting all the heavy furniture in a different way, just give us a call and we promise to give you the best rate in the market.

    Cargo Shipping

    We have our trained staffs who carry out the entire process of cargo shipping for heavier goods. Our team has years of experience in handling cargo shipping for larger consignments. We always make sure that your goods reach the destination safely and within the deadline. We believe that efficiency matters at all levels. Our efficient services will make your work more effective. Get in touch with us to get a rate quote now.

    Local Moves

    If you are looking for house/business moves or bulky item delivery within Hampshire and Dorset areas and want to work on a fair budget, then you have come to the right place. We offer you personalised efficient removal and delivery services locally on the day at the most affordable price with the help of our well-trained staffs and well- equipped moving vans.

    Hotel Relocation

    When it comes to a hotel relocation, it is a tedious job for the non-experienced people. Our team is well trained and experienced enough to carry out the whole process of hotel relocation effectively. We have the expertise to dismantle the furniture and then re-assemble them properly at the new location. We pack the different items separately with proper care and move them accordingly to the new location. Once we take care of the hotel relocation, we take care of everything.

    Long Distance Moving

    We offer you affordable services for long distance moving. Whether you need services for a small or big house removal, or office removal, or just a few bulky items delivery, we are there to help you at every step of the transportation process. We make sure that we take care of all the worries and doubts of moving and help you move/deliver to the new location in an efficient and safe way.

    Shipping Through Close Partners

    We work with close partners to transport air shipments or cargo shipments to carry out International or Overseas moves. We have a tie-up with the best companies to carry out international moves efficiently. Get in touch with us now and get a rate quote for shipping your goods to another country. Once we take the responsibility of your move, we put in all the efforts to do it successfully. And, you can just relax while we do our work and ship your goods to the destination.

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